Reisinger Zsuzsanna

Artist Satement

As far as I can remember I have been interested in art,specially photography. However, it was not until about one year before writing these lines, I actually started to make pictures myself. Why this happened, quite suddenly at that moment, I do not know for sure. But I am certainly glad it did happen!

What drives me in my photographic work as in life,is the ephemeral,the fragility of life itself. I try to capture this in images, frozen moments in time,taken now or in the past,but all becoming history at the very moment of capture. This vision,or rather this feeling,I try to convey to the viewer mainly through my portraits of women,of femininity.

As is often the case, images can transfer my feelings and sensations better than words can. As very aptly said by Lao Tzu: The Tao that can be not the real Tao...

Photography, and especially portraiture, is my kind of time travel,I enjoy immensely. During thinking of a concept,making all the arrangements and taking the actual pictures, time stands still. Later on all these pictures are history,of course. My work mainly is about these "forgotten times".

Reisinger Zsuzsanna, 2013